Future Boy Conan

EN Today we complete The Attic, the page dedicated to our predecessor group Aventurierii Spaţiului, with the addition of Future Boy Conan (Mirai Shōnen Konan, 1978). Kai made the Romanian subs for this series in A.S. times, using English subs from neo1024’s release as example. We’ve now paired the Romanian subs with neo1024’s video. The English & Russian subs from his release are included, both restyled. We also re-timed the Russian subs and added song lyrics to it. We hope you enjoy!
RO Astăzi finalizăm pagina Podul/The Attic, dedicată grupului nostru predecesor, Aventurierii Spațiului, prin adăugarea serialului ”Conan, băiatul viitorului” (Mirai Shōnen Konan, 1978). Kai a creat subtitrările în limba română când A.S. încă exista, utilizând subtitrările în limba engleză din versiunea lui neo1024. Noi am adăugat subtitrările în limba română la versiunea video a lui neo1024. Subtitrarile în limbile engleză și rusă, din versiunea lui, sunt incluse, ambele reeditate. De asemenea, am editat sincronizarea subtitrarilor în limba rusă, și le-am adăugat versurile cântecelor. Vizionare plăcută!

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BTIH: 9cdde2216946d4d163b4abbed1e41e68bf93408d (480p)
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Batch release Wandering Girl Nell

And so the journey of Wandering Girl Nell (Sasurai no Shoujo Nell) is completed with the release of the batch. All 26 episodes of this series, loosely based on Charles Dickens’ book ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ (1841), are now translated. A big thanks to our partners GANGO and Old Castle for helping South Wind Subs with this! We would also like to thank: inactive/ARR (who released the RAW), ramen (translation of songs 1&2) & ‘K’ (provided the Italian sub rip we used for initial translation). The batch includes some small textual and cosmetic corrections, but also introduces chapters to easily select the different parts of the episodes. We hope everyone grabs the latest files, especially those of you who are seeding (thanks)!

Wandering Girl Nell avatar

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Fables of the Green Forest batch

In 2020, South Wind Subs and Old Castle started working on the first full sub for the original Japanese BD version of Fables of the Green Forest (Yama Nezumi Rocky Chuck), the 52-ep. 1973 anime series based on the lovely animal stories by Thornton W. Burgess. This resulted in weekly releases beginning in August of 2020, reaching final ep. last week. Today, Old Castle & South Wind Subs proudly announce the batch for Fables of the Green Forest, available in 3 flavours: 1080p (by OC) and 720p & Subs only (by SWS) with subs in EN/PL/NL/RO. We would like to thank everyone involved in making this long-held dream come true: Cyber Zero, Mónica and Lordwen (who helped create our 2016 dub sub that served as foundation for this new release), Gango (initial translation OP/EN songs), Moozzi2 (RAW maker), Kirion (smaller re-encode) and last but not least our partner fansub group Old Castle! Thanks to the combined efforts we can now enjoy the adventures of Rocky and Polly Woodchuck, Peter Rabbit, Chatter the Red Squirrel, Sammy Blue Jay, Reddy Fox and all the other creatures of the Green Forest and Meadows, fully translated and with stunning video!

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d533030c47309e7d9bc90ef20ba0445a94fd3cd7 (subs only)

Famous Dog Lassie Complete

Today, we announce the batch release for Famous Dog Lassie (Meiken Lassie), our joint project with Old Castle. We would like to thank Old Castle for their help in creating subs for this WMT-series, based on the book ‘Lassie Come-Home’ by Eric Mowbray Knight, and handling styling/tech: You’ve done an amazing job, and we hope many people will enjoy!

Famous Dog Lassie avatar

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Captain Future 01-52 (Complete)

Today we release the batch for Captain Future. Most notably, we’ve corrected some voyage titles. When we started translation we used the book names as title, but as we progressed we realized this wasn’t going to work and changed approach. We now translated the original titles of all voyages and inserted an extra line for the book title. Also, we changed some names of characters and objects after a new check of the source material and we’ve fixed a styling error on some. A readme file with episode descriptions is included. We hope everyone who already has the series will update and get the batch. The Special is available separately. Both links below. Enjoy!

Captain Future Avatar 1

[South Wind Subs] Captain Future 01-52 (Complete) v2:
Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info* | Hash | subs only*
& Special
[South Wind Subs] Captain Future – The Brilliant Solar System Race.mkv
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Captain Future Special

Captain Future – “The Brilliant Solar System Race”
(Based on the book “Star Trail to Glory”)

Spaceships are mysteriously disappearing leaving the pilots floating in space! Captain Future poses himself as pilot-in-training to investigate these strange incidents. He takes part in the Solar System Race, a Race past every planet in our system, in which spaceship manufacturers can showcase their creations. By performing well with an old Zamor spaceship, Future hopes to attract the attention of the thieves and unmask the villain behind the incidents…

Captain Future Avatar 1

Special: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete, ENG/RO/NL)

christmas-2016-bannerstyle-image-yellowToday we present our first release: ‘Fables of the Green Forest’! It contains all 52 episodes, based on the books by 20th century author and nature conservationist Thornton W. Burgess. With audio English (44) and Spanish (8) & subs in English, Romanian and Dutch!
This animé series holds a very special place in our heart, and was the reason for us (Kai & Peter) to start our fansub group South Wind Subs. Far apart, we both grew up in small rural villages. We always think back with nostalgic feelings on these carefree times, and the wonderful programs we saw on TV. Broadcast times were limited and our receivers black-and-white but the magic was there, that was all that mattered!
End 1970s/Begin 80s, we would run home after school to be on time to watch ‘Fables of the Green Forest’, which made a lasting impression on us, and became an inseparable part of our childhoods. The stories about Johnny Chuck and the animals of the Green Forest sparked our love for the wonder of nature, a love which endures till this day! The episodes also taught us about right and wrong, and the importance of being kind and living in harmony with one another. And the series had fun characters too, like nosy Sammy Blue Jay and silly but scary Reddy the Fox.
Sadly, there never were dvd releases. Not yet knowing each other then, we both felt people should be able to see this long-lost treasure anew. In 2012, Kai found some Canadian English episodes and started making on his own subs from scratch. Peter acquired 44 eps. in higher quality and shared these on his fan site. Kai found Peter’s site, and collaboration began. Later, the 8 missing episodes were added by inserting a Spanish version. Many thanks to Cyber Zero, Mónica and Lordwen who translated Spanish for us! And to Silver Zero Subs for becoming our partner and helping us promote the result!

We hope you’ll enjoy (if you do, please leave a comment) and wish you all
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

[South Wind Subs] Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete):
Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*
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We want to make a version with better video and JP audio.

( Povestiri din Pădurea Verde, Dieren van het Groene Woud )
( Features overlapping subtitles, tested in WMP Classic, VLC and MPV )