Welcome to the Old Windmill, the workshop of South Wind Subs.
Here you can read who we are, what we do, and how to join!

About Us

South Wind Subs is a fansub group subbing classic anime. It was founded in 2016 and our mascot is a blue dragonfly. The group name was inspired by a character in our first project.

We are nostalgic people who love the old hand-drawn anime.
Alas, a lot of classic anime are not released outside Japan.
Our group aims to create fan-made subtitles for these works.
We do not get paid and share subs (+video) with fans for free.
Do NOT download if there is an official release where you live.
Buy the official release instead and support the industry.
If you think you can improve our work, please contact us.


Below, an overview of the common fansub creation process.
Our group prefers to make timing before translation.
1. RAW provider: rips, captures or hunts for video
2. Translator: TL from JP/other language script or audio
3. TLC: Translation Check checks for misinterpretations
4. Editor: corrects grammar, determines word choice
5. Timer: times the subs so they match action on screen
6. Typesetter: styles text, determines placing, karaoke
7. Encoder: combines video, scripts and font
8. QC: Quality Control checks final release for errors
9. Distro: Distribution puts it out to the fans


People with real passion for classic anime who are willing to donate time and skills. Preferably, for at least a full project. Positive people who can help us improve & grow.

Staff & Helpers

Kai – Co-Founder, All tasks
Peter (“JohnnyChuck”) – Co-Founder, All tasks, Webmaster
Old Castle – Partner Fables of the Green Forest & Wandering Girl Nell (17-26)

Cyber Zero (Silver Zero Subs) – Translator Fables of the Green Forest VHS (6,9,14,35,40)
Mónica – Translator Fables of the Green Forest VHS (31,edit35)
Lordwen – Translator Fables of the Green Forest VHS (15)
Logan – Translator Captain Future (01-14)
GANGO – Partner Wandering Girl Nell (01-16)
ramen – Translator opening songs Wandering Girl Nell
Old Castle – Partner Famous Dog Lassie