Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow 01

I’m pleased to finally be able to announce our new fansub project ‘Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow’, based on the novel ‘Southern Rainbow’ by Australian writer Phyllis Piddington. The project was already in the making, and even longer so in our minds. Several years ago, Licca Fansubs started the project, but abandoned it after episode 03, after which their group closed. Because they released it as hardsubs, we will translate from ep. 01 as softsub, making it easier for other groups to translate in other languages as well. Translation will be done by Wild Tiger Girl and will be based on the Spanish subs by Alex Risi-Chan, who translated the series from Japanese. TLC of the story will be done by Cyber Zero. Kai will do the timing, except for 01-03, 05 & 07 which were made by Hugo. Thanks for your help! To all of you out there: enjoy! For those who are concerned about progress of Rascal: this will go on as planned.

“To a New Land”

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