Captain Future 37-40

Voyage X “The Comet Kings Conspiracy”
(Based on the book “The Comet Kings”)

Between Jupiter and Uranus, 22 spaceships have mysteriously vanished. What’s more, there isn’t any wreckage or indication of the ships’ whereabouts. Captain Future and his crew go to Jupiter. They happen to cross the path of Halley’s Comet which appears every 76 years or so. After establishing facts, they try to envision all possible scenario’s when suddenly the ship is being pulled into the comet. Inside, they discover a whole world that keeps them prisonner…


Captain Future 33-36

Voyage IX “Duel on the Magic Moon”
(Based on the book “The Magic Moon”)

A campaign is launched to find a double of Captain Future, to shoot a movie about his life and his adventures. But the Interplanetary Government suspects the producer of using the movie as an excuse to travel to a planet rich in diamonds. He wants to get a mining license against the will of the inhabitants who refuse any foreign interference. Captain Future joins the film crew and goes undercover as actor to play his own part…

Captain Future 29-32

Voyage VIII “Revolt on the Prison Spaceship”
(Based on the book “Face of the Deep”)

On Earth, a ship is being prepared for a secret Police transport. On board, dangerous criminals who are to be taken to a faraway high security prison. Captain Future and his crew, who hear about this, decide to go on board too and escort this risky mission. In case, there is a revolt, they will be able to intervene quickly and prevent bad to happen. However, despite this, the prisoners succeed to liberate themselves…


Captain Future 25-28

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Voyage VII “The Dark Planet”
(Based on the book “Calling Captain Future”)

A gigantic dark planet approaches the Solar System and threatens to destroy Earth. To avoid this catastrophe, a certain Professor Zarro proposes to use his technology in service of the Earthlings, in exchange for the position of President of the Solar System. Captain Future and his crew are ordered to investigate this Professor and to retrieve the greatest astronomers of the galaxy who all mysteriously vanished at the time the phenomenon was announced…

Captain Future 21-24

Voyage VI “Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones”

In the Museum of the Milky Way, an archeologist, who has just returned from an expedition on the planet Kerus, is studying one of the seven Secret Stones. Legend holds that, once united, the Stones will reveal the secrets of a parallel universe. When Captain Future attends a show of the Galactic Circus, he meets again his old enemy Ul Quorn, who is still alive. The two men race against each other to recover the Stones and unravel their strange secret…

Captain Future 17-20

Voyage V “Crisis on the Transparent Planet”
(Based on the book “The Magician of Mars”)

One of the most dangerous criminals of the universe escapes from a galactic high security prison. His name is Ul Quorn, an extraordinarily intelligent man, and also son of the murderer of Captain Future’s parents. Future vows to capture him. He learns that Ul Quorn discovered a parallel universe in which he can travel thanks to a unique spaceship made by a scientist who is now passed away. Not knowing where to search his enemy, Future and his crew travel to the planet Ariel where the scientist worked.

Captain Future 13-16

Voyage IV “Quest Beyond the Stars”

The tiny planet Laguna is being evacuated because oxygen is running out and reaching a critical level. More planets are facing the same. To solve this difficult problem, Captain Future goes on a quest to seek the Source of Matter, an instrument which can create and control all types of matter. Future asks Simon to modify the Comet for long-distance travel to Sagittarius Constellation where, according to legend, the Source of Matter is kept.