Captain Future 49-52

— Next time: Special episode which completes the Captain Future stories! —
We’ve now completed the 52 ep. -series, but stay with us for the Special!

Voyage XIII “The Secret of Artificial Evolution”
(Based on the book “The Star of Dread”)

During archaeological excavations on the planet Titania, Captain Future and his friends discover the terrible secret which led to the downfall of an ancient civilization. They find a stone tablet which reveals the existence of the “Chamber of Life”, a laboratory for creating evolution in species. Two men, Norton and Winters, are after the technique and even steal the Comet and kidnap Joan and Ken in order to get it…

Captain Future Avatar 1
Ep 49: | Nyaa Pantsu
Ep 50: | Nyaa Pantsu
Ep 51: | Nyaa Pantsu
Ep 52: | Nyaa Pantsu
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4 thoughts on “Captain Future 49-52

    • Thank you! And yes, we do have a new project waiting for us: we intend to translate ” Nell, the Wandering Girl” next . But first, we’ll complete the Captain Future stories with the Special!


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