Captain Future 13-16

Voyage IV “Quest Beyond the Stars”

The tiny planet Laguna is being evacuated because oxygen is running out and reaching a critical level. More planets are facing the same. To solve this difficult problem, Captain Future goes on a quest to seek the Source of Matter, an instrument which can create and control all types of matter. Future asks Simon to modify the Comet for long-distance travel to Sagittarius Constellation where, according to legend, the Source of Matter is kept.



Captain Future 09-12

Voyage III “Captain Future’s Challenge”

Gravium is a rare metal which is indispensable for controlling gravity. It allows man to travel space. There are only five Gravium mines in the entire universe. Captain Future opposes the evil Wrecker, who plans to destroy the mines one after another until destruction is complete. Once again, the fate of the universe is in Future’s hands.

Captain Future 05-08

Voyage II ” The Lost World of Time”

During a flight-training in the asteroid-belt between Mars and Jupiter, Captain Future and his Crew receive a strange message of an old man asking for help, explaining his home planet Katain is facing imminent destruction. The Futuremen build a time-machine around their spaceship Comet and fly off into an unknown past in search for the lost planet Katain.

Captain Future and release strategy

Captain Future crew

A new project may seem strange, after we wrote about not having enough time. But, this project was already under development and we discovered new RAW’s available. We felt we needed to release now. So, here is the 1978’s sci-fi Captain Future eps. 01-04, containing the first voyage (full story) titled ‘The Space Emperor’. The series will be released per voyage, English subs only for now. At completion, we will make a batch (we’d like to include Romanian & Dutch then, if we can). By focusing on English first, we can release active projects faster. In the meanwhile, we hope to get more crew…

Voyage I: ” The Space Emperor “

On the planet Megara, strange things are happening. Humans devolve into ape-men. Sperling, one of the top agents of the Interstellar Government, who was sent out to investigate the matter, returns transformed into a beast. Captain Future and his crew are contacted. They soon discover that the bad things happening are caused by a mysterious individual who calls himself the Space Emperor.

Spaceship Sagittarius launch in The Attic

Today, we announce a new page on our website called ‘The Attic’. This is a special page (available in English and Romanian) for our predecessor fansub group Spaceship Sagittarius intro image‘Aventurierii Spaţiului’. South Wind Subs inherited their sub files archive, originally released as ‘subs-only’. This archive includes ‘Spaceship Sagittarius’ in English & Romanian, and several other anime translated in Romanian language (‘Future Boy Conan’ and ‘Heidi’ series and ‘Sinbad’-feature film). South Wind Subs will re-release all these projects with video in ‘The Attic’, starting with ‘Spaceship Sagittarius’ which has been launched now. Enjoy!

SWS workshop update (May 2017)

Hello everyone, a small update from us. We felt we needed to explain the silence… We’re currently working on a new version of ‘Fables of the Green Forest’ with better video quality. This will take some time because we need to adjust subs manually, which is time-consuming. Therefore, the release of ‘Nell the Wandering Girl’Johnny-Chuck-Remastered will have to be postponed to a later date. We simply don’t have enough volunteers to work on two series at the same time. Sorry for this! Then there is some extremely sad news: as you may have heard, Nyaa has closed permanently as from 1st of May. Personally, I’ll miss it! If not for sites like this, we would not have the chance to see most anime series. The industry doesn’t provide subtitled or dubbed versions in most countries. The closing also means we’ll have to decide on a new tracker. For now, we changed the download link for ‘Fables of the Green Forest’ to a re-post by a Bakabt user. Bakabt is undergoing maintenance, but promised to be back! We hope the ‘new’ link will work then.
EDIT: we changed the link to and Nyaa Pantsu, both Nyaa replacements.

Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete, ENG/RO/NL)

christmas-2016-bannerstyle-image-yellowToday we present our first release: ‘Fables of the Green Forest’! It contains all 52 episodes, based on the books by 20th century author and nature conservationist Thornton W. Burgess. With audio English (44) and Spanish (8) & subs in English, Romanian and Dutch!
This animé series holds a very special place in our heart, and was the reason for us (Kai & Peter) to start our fansub group South Wind Subs. Far apart, we both grew up in small rural villages. We always think back with nostalgic feelings on these carefree times, and the wonderful programs we saw on TV. Broadcast times were limited and our receivers black-and-white but the magic was there, that was all that mattered!
End 1970s/Begin 80s, we would run home after school to be on time to watch ‘Fables of the Green Forest’, which made a lasting impression on us, and became an inseparable part of our childhoods. The stories about Johnny Chuck and the animals of the Green Forest sparked our love for the wonder of nature, a love which endures till this day! The episodes also taught us about right and wrong, and the importance of being kind and living in harmony with one another. And the series had fun characters too, like nosy Sammy Blue Jay and silly but scary Reddy the Fox.
Sadly, there never were dvd releases. Not yet knowing each other then, we both felt people should be able to see this long-lost treasure anew. In 2012, Kai found some Canadian English episodes and started making on his own subs from scratch. Peter acquired 44 eps. in higher quality and shared these on his fan site. Kai found Peter’s site, and collaboration began. Later, the 8 missing episodes were added by inserting a Spanish version. Many thanks to Cyber Zero, Mónica and Lordwen who translated Spanish for us! And to Silver Zero Subs for becoming our partner and helping us promote the result!

We hope you’ll enjoy (if you do, please leave a comment) and wish you all
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

[South Wind Subs] Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete): | Nyaa Pantsu
This release has VHS quality. We want to make a version with better video.

( Povestiri din Pădurea Verde, Dieren van het Groene Woud )
( Features overlapping subtitles, tested in WMP Classic, VLC and MPV )