Captain Future 25-28

Today, we’ve reached a milestone as we’re halfway translating Captain Future!
We hope everyone enjoys it, and wish you ‘bon voyage’ on this next adventure.

Voyage VII “The Dark Planet”
(Based on the book “Calling Captain Future”)

A gigantic dark planet approaches the Solar System and threatens to destroy Earth. To avoid this catastrophe, a certain Professor Zarro proposes to use his technology in service of the Earthlings, in exchange for the position of President of the Solar System. Captain Future and his crew are ordered to investigate this Professor and to retrieve the greatest astronomers of the galaxy who all mysteriously vanished at the time the phenomenon was announced…


Captain Future 21-24

Voyage VI “Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones”

In the Museum of the Milky Way, an archeologist, who has just returned from an expedition on the planet Kerus, is studying one of the seven Secret Stones. Legend holds that, once united, the Stones will reveal the secrets of a parallel universe. When Captain Future attends a show of the Galactic Circus, he meets again his old enemy Ul Quorn, who is still alive. The two men race against each other to recover the Stones and unravel their strange secret…

Captain Future 17-20

Voyage V “Crisis on the Transparent Planet”
(Based on the book “The Magician of Mars”)

One of the most dangerous criminals of the universe escapes from a galactic high security prison. His name is Ul Quorn, an extraordinarily intelligent man, and also son of the murderer of Captain Future’s parents. Future vows to capture him. He learns that Ul Quorn discovered a parallel universe in which he can travel thanks to a unique spaceship made by a scientist who is now passed away. Not knowing where to search his enemy, Future and his crew travel to the planet Ariel where the scientist worked.

Captain Future 13-16

Voyage IV “Quest Beyond the Stars”

The tiny planet Laguna is being evacuated because oxygen is running out and reaching a critical level. More planets are facing the same. To solve this difficult problem, Captain Future goes on a quest to seek the Source of Matter, an instrument which can create and control all types of matter. Future asks Simon to modify the Comet for long-distance travel to Sagittarius Constellation where, according to legend, the Source of Matter is kept.


Captain Future 09-12

Voyage III “Captain Future’s Challenge”

Gravium is a rare metal which is indispensable for controlling gravity. It allows man to travel space. There are only five Gravium mines in the entire universe. Captain Future opposes the evil Wrecker, who plans to destroy the mines one after another until destruction is complete. Once again, the fate of the universe is in Future’s hands.

Captain Future 05-08

Voyage II ” The Lost World of Time”

During a flight-training in the asteroid-belt between Mars and Jupiter, Captain Future and his Crew receive a strange message of an old man asking for help, explaining his home planet Katain is facing imminent destruction. The Futuremen build a time-machine around their spaceship Comet and fly off into an unknown past in search for the lost planet Katain.

Captain Future and release strategy

Captain Future crew

A new project may seem strange, after we wrote about not having enough time. But, this project was already under development and we discovered new RAW’s available. We felt we needed to release now. So, here is the 1978’s sci-fi Captain Future eps. 01-04, containing the first voyage (full story) titled ‘The Space Emperor’. The series will be released per voyage, English subs only for now. At completion, we will make a batch (we’d like to include Romanian & Dutch then, if we can). By focusing on English first, we can release active projects faster. In the meanwhile, we hope to get more crew…

Voyage I: ” The Space Emperor “

On the planet Megara, strange things are happening. Humans devolve into ape-men. Sperling, one of the top agents of the Interstellar Government, who was sent out to investigate the matter, returns transformed into a beast. Captain Future and his crew are contacted. They soon discover that the bad things happening are caused by a mysterious individual who calls himself the Space Emperor.