Captain Future 49-52

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Voyage XIII “The Secret of Artificial Evolution”
(Based on the book “The Star of Dread”)

During archaeological excavations on the planet Titania, Captain Future and his friends discover the terrible secret which led to the downfall of an ancient civilization. They find a stone tablet which reveals the existence of the “Chamber of Life”, a laboratory for creating evolution in species. Two men, Norton and Winters, are after the technique and even steal the Comet and kidnap Joan and Ken in order to get it…


Captain Future 45-48

Voyage XII “The Rescue of Planet Tarast”
(Based on the book “Planets in Peril”)

Captain Future is requested to come and help the inhabitants of the planet Tarast, located in a parallel universe. Well-known in ancient times for its great advance, the planet nowadays is in a state of decline. Moreover, its inhabitants are threatened by strange ennemies, the “Cold Ones”. Captain Future agrees to travel to Tarast and pose himself as Kafuru, a legendary hero to whom he bears a remarkable resemblance…

Captain Future 41-44

Voyage XI “Danger! The Traffickers of Eternal Life”
(Based on the book “The Triumph of Captain Future”)

A certain ‘Lord of Eternal Life’ possesses water which guarantees life and eternal youth. He sends out dealers to every planet to sell his Elixir for a golden price. But this water needs to be taken regularly, although prices go up continuously, or else deprivation will cause death. The President of the Interstellar Government assigns Captain Future with the task to find the man responsible, and put an end to this horrible trafficking…

Captain Future 37-40

Voyage X “The Comet Kings Conspiracy”
(Based on the book “The Comet Kings”)

Between Jupiter and Uranus, 22 spaceships have mysteriously vanished. What’s more, there isn’t any wreckage or indication of the ships’ whereabouts. Captain Future and his crew go to Jupiter. They happen to cross the path of Halley’s Comet which appears every 76 years or so. After establishing facts, they try to envision all possible scenario’s when suddenly the ship is being pulled into the comet. Inside, they discover a whole world that keeps them prisonner…

Captain Future 33-36

Voyage IX “Duel on the Magic Moon”
(Based on the book “The Magic Moon”)

A campaign is launched to find a double of Captain Future, to shoot a movie about his life and his adventures. But the Interplanetary Government suspects the producer of using the movie as an excuse to travel to a planet rich in diamonds. He wants to get a mining license against the will of the inhabitants who refuse any foreign interference. Captain Future joins the film crew and goes undercover as actor to play his own part…

Captain Future 29-32

Voyage VIII “Revolt on the Prison Spaceship”
(Based on the book “Face of the Deep”)

On Earth, a ship is being prepared for a secret Police transport. On board, dangerous criminals who are to be taken to a faraway high security prison. Captain Future and his crew, who hear about this, decide to go on board too and escort this risky mission. In case, there is a revolt, they will be able to intervene quickly and prevent bad to happen. However, despite this, the prisoners succeed to liberate themselves…