Famous Dog Lassie 09


09 – The Princess from the Sky

Dohan, the mine manager, informs Sam that the owner, Duke Rudling, will arrive soon for an inspection visit of the mine. They start their preparations to make a good impression. When John hears that the owner travels by airplane he remembers the day he met Lassie. That day, there also was a wonderful flying machine, and a girl…

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Famous Dog Lassie 08


08 – I Don’t Like Lassie

Lassie always picks up John from school, and people in the village praise her for being such a loyal dog. When Sandy is angry with John for something he said to her in the classroom, the upset John takes it out on poor Lassie. He tells Lassie to stop following him around and he tries to shake her off…

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Famous Dog Lassie 07


07 – Catch the Muffler Thief

Snow is falling and the whole village is covered in white. It’s a new experience for the young Lassie and John promises her to go play in the snow together after school. When John and the other children are in the class room, listening to the teacher, a muffler scarf is stolen from the school hallway. Everyone suspects Lassie, but is he really the culprit?

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Famous Dog Lassie 06


06 – Running Through the Storm

John, Colin and Lassie are climbing a rock when John discovers strange clouds on the horizon. He rushes home with Lassie and soon a heavy storm is sweeping over Greenall Bridge. People are advised to stay indoors. Father Sam is at the mine and mother Melissa had to visit a patient with Dr. Hopper. Then John notices that the doctor forgot his syringe…

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Famous Dog Lassie 05

05 – 6 Miles In Search For Food

Today is the birthday of John’s mother Melissa. John wants to suprise his mother with a feast dinner, and he and Lassie wake up early to go fish at Lake Dartford. Together with Sandy they head off for the lake on foot. But six miles is a long walk, and they hope to catch a ride. Will they get the feast dinner?

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Famous Dog Lassie 04

04 – My Father’s Salary

Several months have passed since John found Lassie, and the birthday of John’s mother Melissa is approaching. The day before her birthday, father Sam apologizes to his family for somehow losing his salary. This means there will be no birthday present for mom…

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MD5: 70FA9A0DD33490D4C9AB21774D65259D
CRC32: 46EE1004

Wandering Girl Nell 03

03 – Nell Sold

Nell and Trent arrive at the outskirts of Northampton, where carnival has just begun. Unfortunately, the lawyer Brass and his men are still after them. The girl and her grandfather seek refuge in a deserted house and meet the puppeteers of the carnival who promise to take Nell to her mother in Paradise. Meanwhile, Kitt meets a mysterious stranger in London…

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