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Fables of the Green Forest [ view posts here ]
Project Image Fables

Original name: Yama Nezumi Rocky Chuck
Year: 1973 Japan /
1978 international
Completed episodes: 52/52
Audio: English (44), Spanish (8)
Subs: English, Romanian, Dutch
Romanian name: Povestiri din Pădurea Verde
Dutch name: Dieren van het Groene Woud

Summary: Animal stories about Johnny Woodchuck and his companions living in the Green Forest. Based on the books by Thornton W. Burgess. For more info, visit Peter’s Fables-fansite
Comments: 1978 international dub in VHS quality. 44 Canadian English & 8 Spanish episodes. Subbed in 3 languages by South Wind Subs (Kai & Peter). Thanks to Cyber Zero, Mónica and Lordwen for translating the Spanish eps., and to our partner Silver Zero Subs for promotion!

[South Wind Subs] Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete): | Nyaa Pantsu
This release has VHS quality. We want to make a version with better video.

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Captain Future [ view posts here ]
Project Image Captain Future

Original name: Kyaputen Fyūchā
Year: 1978
Completed episodes: 40/53
Audio: Japanese
Subs: English (later, we hope to add RO, NL)
Romanian name: –
Dutch name: –
Summary: Curtis Newton is a son of scientists Roger and Elaine Newton. His parents work in a space station orbiting the Moon.Together with professor Simon Wright (who died prematurely and whose brain was implanted in a flying robot), they create a robot, Grag, and an android, Otho, capable of shape-shifting. After his parents die in an attack, Curtis is raised by Simon, Grag and Otho to become Captain Future, keeper of peace and justice in the universe.

Nell the Wandering Girl [ view posts here ]
Project Image Nell

Original name: Sasurai no Shoujo Nell
Year: 1979 Japan / 1979-80 international
Completed episodes: 0/26 (some rough translates done)
Audio: Japanese
Subs: English, (later, we hope to add RO, NL)
Romanian name: Micuţa Nell
Dutch name: –

Summary: The story of Nell living with her grandfather, who owns a small antiques shop in London. Forced to flee from debt collectors, they start wandering the English countryside in search of Nell’s mother. Based on the book ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ by Charles Dickens.

Fables of the Green Forest Remastered [ view posts here ]

A version of Fables with better video and (preferably) original Japanese audio. As aid in translation, we are looking for transcripts or subs (any language) matching the Japanese audio on the Remastered DVD Boxes. Can you provide these? Please contact us!