Wandering Girl Nell

Original name: Sasurai no Shoujo Nell
Year: 1979
Episodes: 26
Status: Completed – links below
Sub language: English
Sub creators: South Wind Subs & GANGO (01-16)
South Wind Subs & Old Castle (17-26)
RAW: inactive/ARR
Special thanks: Opening songs: ramen
‘K’ for providing the Italian sub rip that we used for initial translation
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The story of Nell living with her grandfather, who owns a small antiques shop in London. Forced to flee from debt collectors, they start wandering the English countryside in search of Nell’s mother. Loosely based on the book ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ by Charles Dickens (1841)

This series is part of the anthology ‘Meikyoku Roman Gekijou’ (‘Famous Music Romantic Theatre’ or ‘Masterpiece Romantic Theatre’), 4 anime series that each include a famous piece of music from the 19th century as theme. Besides this binding factor, and the fact that the stories take place in historical settings, they don’t share characters or have connected storylines. Names of the series and music featured:

– Nobara no Julie (Julie the Wild Rose), first aired Jan-Apr 1979,
Theme: ‘Heidenröslein’ (or ‘The Wild Rose’, 1815) by Franz Schubert, based on the poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
– Paris no Isabelle (Isabelle of Paris), first aired Apr-Jul 1979,
Theme: ‘Fantaisie-Impromptu in C minor’ (1834) by Frédéric Chopin
– Kinpatsu no Jeanie (Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair), first aired Jul-Oct 1979,
Theme: parlor song ‘Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair’ (1854) by Stephen Collins Foster
– Sasurai no Shoujo Nell (Wandering Girl Nell), first aired Oct 1979-Apr 1980,
Theme: Scottish song ‘Annie Laurie’/’Maxwelton Braes’ (1834/5), poem by William Douglas, adapted and set to music by Alicia (Lady John) Scott