Raccoon Rascal and the War

In 1914, the First World War started. The book that inspired the anime ‘Raccoon Rascal’ mentions Herschel (the brother of Sterling, who’s pet raccoon has the lead role) fighting as an allied soldier in the gruesome frontlines in France. The war was omitted from the anime, a liberty taken by its makers. If only we could erase war so easily from real life…
Unfortunately, again, a new war is raging, causing pain and suffering for many people. Global stability is at risk. Hopefully, we can find a way to put the beast back in the cage.
We hope for war to end and peace and freedom in Ukraine to be restored. – South Wind Subs

Raccoon Rascal and the war

If you want to help the people who are affected by this armed conflict
please make a donation to one of the humanitarian organizations like the ICRC

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