Raccoon Rascal

Original name: Araiguma Rascal
Year: 1977
Episodes: 52
Status: Ongoing – links below
Sub language: English
Sub creators: South Wind Subs
RAW: saiei (re-encoded)
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World Masterpiece Theater series based on the autobiographical novel ‘Rascal, A Memoir of a Better Era’ by Sterling North. The series is fairly faithful to the original story, although there are some alterations. The story is set in 1914 in Brailsford Junction near Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin, U.S.A., which was modeled after the town of Edgerton where the author grew up in. One spring day, the young Sterling finds a raccoon kit in the woods. He decides to raise him and call him Rascal. Soon, the two become inseparable friends. One day, Rascal gets a taste for sweet corn and begins to raid the neighbors’ corn patches during the night. Sterling then realizes that it isn’t easy for men and wild animals to coexist in the same place. The anime had a huge success all over the world and especially in Japan, where it was one of the causes of the problematic introduction of the raccoon in the country. Amazingly, it has not seen any releases yet in the novel’s home country and language.