Captain Future Special

Captain Future – “The Brilliant Solar System Race”
(Based on the book “Star Trail to Glory”)

Spaceships are mysteriously disappearing leaving the pilots floating in space! Captain Future poses himself as pilot-in-training to investigate these strange incidents. He takes part in the Solar System Race, a Race past every planet in our system, in which spaceship manufacturers can showcase their creations. By performing well with an old Zamor spaceship, Future hopes to attract the attention of the thieves and unmask the villain behind the incidents…

Captain Future Avatar 1

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7 thoughts on “Captain Future Special

    • Thanks for letting us know you like our work for Captain Future! At this moment, we are already preparing our new project. We hope to start releasing in the next few months. Stay tuned!


  1. Thank you for this project. Captain Future was a part of my childhood, and what an incomplete part it was. Thanks to you, I was able to watch side by side the original and the german version (german version has fewer episodes which are shorter in runtime too!) I’m looking forward to your next project!


    • We’re glad we could finally provide the complete Captain Future stories to you and all other fans out there! We hope you will also enjoy our next project. Thanks for your comment, kind regards, Peter


    • Hello Pepe,
      We understand your wish. However, because we encourage people to not alone GET but also SHARE the (latest and greatest) updated files, we do not make separate subs available at this moment. We need everyone out there to help us with distributing our work. We hope some of you will support us by keeping the project available for everyone to enjoy. We are a small group and cannot do this on our own. Eventually, we will also release the subs. When this is, depends on how distribution goes.


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