Captain Future 01-52 (Complete)

Today we release the batch for Captain Future. Most notably, we’ve corrected some voyage titles. When we started translation we used the book names as title, but as we progressed we realized this wasn’t going to work and changed approach. We now translated the original titles of all voyages and inserted an extra line for the book title. Also, we changed some names of characters and objects after a new check of the source material and we’ve fixed a styling error on some. A readme file with episode descriptions is included. We hope everyone who already has the series will update and get the batch. The Special is available separately. Both links below. Enjoy!

Captain Future Avatar 1

[South Wind Subs] Captain Future 01-52 (Complete) v2:* |* | Hash | subs only*
& Special
[South Wind Subs] Captain Future – The Brilliant Solar System Race.mkv* |* | subs only*

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4 thoughts on “Captain Future 01-52 (Complete)

  1. Congratulations you guys.
    Phenomenal work with this project. All the best for the future.
    Perhaps we will see Fables of the Green Forest with the high quality video done this time.
    In any case thank you for your hard work.




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