Fables of the Green Forest batch

In 2020, South Wind Subs and Old Castle started working on the first full sub for the original Japanese BD version of Fables of the Green Forest (Yama Nezumi Rocky Chuck), the 52-ep. 1973 anime series based on the lovely animal stories by Thornton W. Burgess. This resulted in weekly releases beginning in August of 2020, reaching final ep. last week. Today, Old Castle & South Wind Subs proudly announce the batch for Fables of the Green Forest, available in 3 flavours: 1080p (by OC) and 720p & Subs only (by SWS) with subs in EN/PL/NL/RO. We would like to thank everyone involved in making this long-held dream come true: Cyber Zero, Mónica and Lordwen (who helped create our 2016 dub sub that served as foundation for this new release), Gango (initial translation OP/EN songs), Moozzi2 (RAW maker), Kirion (smaller re-encode) and last but not least our partner fansub group Old Castle! Thanks to the combined efforts we can now enjoy the adventures of Rocky and Polly Woodchuck, Peter Rabbit, Chatter the Red Squirrel, Sammy Blue Jay, Reddy Fox and all the other creatures of the Green Forest and Meadows, fully translated and with stunning video!

Nyaa.si 1080p* 720p* | Anidex.info 1080p* 720p* | Subs-only*

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0fe7033774f9234e4f02deb367ba7225a42b762c (720p)
d533030c47309e7d9bc90ef20ba0445a94fd3cd7 (subs only)

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