Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete, ENG/RO/NL)

christmas-2016-bannerstyle-image-yellowToday we present our first release: ‘Fables of the Green Forest’! It contains all 52 episodes, based on the books by 20th century author and nature conservationist Thornton W. Burgess. With audio English (44) and Spanish (8) & subs in English, Romanian and Dutch!
This animé series holds a very special place in our heart, and was the reason for us (Kai & Peter) to start our fansub group South Wind Subs. Far apart, we both grew up in small rural villages. We always think back with nostalgic feelings on these carefree times, and the wonderful programs we saw on TV. Broadcast times were limited and our receivers black-and-white but the magic was there, that was all that mattered!
End 1970s/Begin 80s, we would run home after school to be on time to watch ‘Fables of the Green Forest’, which made a lasting impression on us, and became an inseparable part of our childhoods. The stories about Johnny Chuck and the animals of the Green Forest sparked our love for the wonder of nature, a love which endures till this day! The episodes also taught us about right and wrong, and the importance of being kind and living in harmony with one another. And the series had fun characters too, like nosy Sammy Blue Jay and silly but scary Reddy the Fox.
Sadly, there never were dvd releases. Not yet knowing each other then, we both felt people should be able to see this long-lost treasure anew. In 2012, Kai found some Canadian English episodes and started making on his own subs from scratch. Peter acquired 44 eps. in higher quality and shared these on his fan site. Kai found Peter’s site, and collaboration began. Later, the 8 missing episodes were added by inserting a Spanish version. Many thanks to Cyber Zero, Mónica and Lordwen who translated Spanish for us! And to Silver Zero Subs for becoming our partner and helping us promote the result!

We hope you’ll enjoy (if you do, please leave a comment) and wish you all
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

[South Wind Subs] Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete):
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We want to make a version with better video and JP audio.

( Povestiri din Pădurea Verde, Dieren van het Groene Woud )
( Features overlapping subtitles, tested in WMP Classic, VLC and MPV )

14 thoughts on “Fables of the Green Forest 01-52 (Complete, ENG/RO/NL)

  1. Hello Buzz,

    Thanks for your comment and sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and all other fans because of the error in Version 1! Downloading only upgraded files (in this case: 01 and all 3 readme files) is possible. We’ve placed an instruction on the v2 download page.
    We hope this helps, and again apologize for our error!

    South Wind Subs


  2. Hi Peter and Kai.

    Congratulations my dear friends. Have my deep gratitude and admiration for finishing another series in WMT collection.
    I am in my thirties so this particular position has never been on my radar until now, mostly because it has not been translated to my mother tongue ever.
    Having watched three first episodes I have decided to give the whole animé a chance, mainly because I know what an incredible moral value lies behind World Masterpiece Theatre series and so my children deserve to see these.
    I have to say it though (I apologize if it sounds harsh) the video quality is very poor, it will scare a lot of people who are not die-hard fans away.
    Obviously it is not your fault, in a way it makes your effort of translating the whole thing even more heroic. My point is after doing quick Google search I have found out the Fables of the Green Forest have been remastered in Japan and are available for sale internationally.

    Now, if you really want to make all your hard work on your beloved animé to be set in stone for generations to come you should not close your project and continue your work with new material. You may not have sufficient funds to get these (I don’t know that) but in that case you may ask Sub Zero to help gather funds on his website, surely some people would help to raise those amounts, I would.

    Sorry to be critical, your second project sounds amazing and I am the last person who would like to stall it.
    I understand it is your life and your business what you do with your own time, I was hoping to show you different angle. I sincerely believe another result would give you even greater satisfaction and since you already done so much why not give it a little bit more, this project is your baby after all.

    All the best Peter and Kai

    Thank you for introducing us to this lovely pictures.

    Merry Christmas



  3. Hello Joe,

    Thanks for congratulating us on finishing subtitles for ‘Fables’, and also thanks for your feedback! We don’t mind your constructive criticism, and agree that a release with better video quality would be nice. We are always looking for better material and ask everyone to step forward if they have! We’d prefer a better copy of the classic version, but might consider using the remake video.

    We hope you had a good Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

    South Wind Subs


  4. Hi Peter.

    Thank you for the answer. I am glad you are open for eventual remake. If you do not consider buying the series your best chance to lay hand on the high quality release might be AsianDVDClub website.
    There are even half terabyte titles up there set for sharing and lots of nice people willing to help.
    Quick request, if you ever will be in possession of these remastered disks please do not remove Japanese original audio track, I’d happily watched it this way, just with English subs.

    Again thanks for your hard work to you and Kai.

    Happy New Year


    Post Scriptum. In the first link I have sent you, have you seen 3 screenshots form remastered edition? The quality of re-done masters is incredible.


  5. Hi you guys.

    Sorry for late reply, I have changed my living place this year.
    These are wonderful news. Congratulation men.
    I hope we can see some episodes released before Christmas. I would really appreciate if you can leave original soundtrack. Watching it with English subs would definitely be something else.
    My fingers are crossed for you Peter and Kai
    All the best



    • Hi Joe, it won’t be before Christmas, I’m afraid. Our focus is now to complete Captain Future. After that, we will either do Nell first or start on Fables Remastered, depending on workforce and skills available at that time. Peter


  6. Together with Old Castle we have started releasing subs for the JP Remastered BD of Fables of the Green Forest. If you haven’t done so yet, go check it out!


    • Hello Cam, seeds should be up. Please note that there are 2 versions of Fables of the Green Forest: the VHS version with English dub and EN/RO/NL subs, and a new Blu-Ray version with the original Japanese audio and matching subs. You can find both from the Projects page on our website. Have fun re-watching the episodes! Kind regards, Peter


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