Wandering Girl Nell 26 (Finale)

“Journey Of Hope”

Finally reaching Paradise after a long journey, only to find out that her mother has died, proves too much for little Nell, and she falls ill. As she lies unconscious, her mother appears before her in a dream. But it all feels so real… “Please Mother, let me hold you again!”

Tue 05 Oct: Batch & Subs-only!

Wandering Girl Nell avatar

Ep 26: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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BTIH: 36db210bdd2ad6e99103224cbb6424db376eba44
MD5: B1C5264DB646B9503A04C0294C1DF0E2
CRC32: FAF7827F

2 thoughts on “Wandering Girl Nell 26 (Finale)

    • Thanks for letting us know you appreciate Wandering Girl Nell, our joint with GANGO & Old Castle, and that you look forward to a new project! However, although we’ve been working on something, I can say that we probably won’t launch any really new projects this year.


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