Wandering Girl Nell 05

05 – One Stormy Night

On a rainy evening, Trent and Nell arrive in the town of Derby, famous for its racehorses. They decide to have dinner and stay the night at a hotel. Upon entering, they’re welcomed by a friendly hotelkeeper. Unfortunately, there is also a group of men playing cards, and, when Nell is asleep, Trent is tempted to join them in the hope to win some money…

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Ep 05: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

A (Belated) Happy 2020 From Us!

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Wandering Girl Nell 02

02 – Mother Went to Paradise

While Kilp’s lawyer Brass is after them to make them sign the document declaring Kilp the new owner of the shop, Nell and Trent arrive at the house of Mrs. Rosa, Nell’s mother. But where is she, and where is brother Mario?…

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Ep 02: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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Wandering Girl Nell 01

Finally we are able to announce the release of the first episode of Wandering Girl Nell (Sasurai no Shoujo Nell), based on the book ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ by Charles Dickens (1841).This evolved into a joint release with GANGO who did the TLC, and translation of previews and 3rd song. The opening songs were translated by ramen. Big thanks to both and to ARR for releasing RAWs in 2011 and “K.” for providing the Italian subs we used for the initial translation! We hope you will enjoy the result!

01 – Escape at Dawn

Nell and her grandfather, Mr. Trent, run a small antiques shop in 19th century London, but their comfortable life seems to end when Nell and her friend Kitt find out that Grandfather is unable to repay a debt to Mr. Kilp, a ruthless business man…

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Ep 01: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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SWS workshop update (May 2017)

Hello everyone, a small update from us. We felt we needed to explain the silence… We’re currently working on a new version of ‘Fables of the Green Forest’ with better video quality. This will take some time because we need to adjust subs manually, which is time-consuming. Therefore, the release of ‘Wandering Girl Nell’Johnny-Chuck-Remastered will have to be postponed to a later date. We simply don’t have enough volunteers to work on two series at the same time. Sorry for this! Then there is some extremely sad news: as you may have heard, Nyaa has closed permanently as from 1st of May. Personally, I’ll miss it! If not for sites like this, we would not have the chance to see most anime series. The industry doesn’t provide subtitled or dubbed versions in most countries. The closing also means we’ll have to decide on a new tracker. For now, we changed the download link for ‘Fables of the Green Forest’ to a re-post by a Bakabt user. Bakabt is undergoing maintenance, but promised to be back! We hope the ‘new’ link will work then.
EDIT: we changed the link to Nyaa.si and Nyaa Pantsu, both Nyaa replacements.
EDIT: we have started Captain Future. After that, we will focus on Nell/Fables.

Recruiting for ‘Wandering Girl Nell’!

Our 2nd project has started. ‘Wandering Girl Nell’ is a 1979 anime, based on the book ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of a girl living with her grandfather, who has a shop in London. Debt collectors force them to flee. The two then start a search for Nell’s mother. We are looking for translators Italian to English. These subs will be adapted to fit the Japanese audio. For a few songs we need a translator Japanese to English, who could also perhaps assist in end check. Our aim is to start releasing End of 2016. EDIT People who can transcribe/translate directly from Japanese are welcome too. Nell-1