Welcome to South Wind Subs!

We are a fansub group subbing classic anime. Our name is inspired from the character Sister South Wind from our first project ‘Fables of the Green Forest’.

Our mascot is the blue dragonfly, which often visited Kai’s family garden when he was a child. Each year, the first dragonflies show themselves when the South Wind has come and spring is here.

We only sub classic anime for which there is no official release available in our area. If there is an official release where you live, please buy it and support the industry!

Our subtitles are English, Romanian and Dutch.
The main language of our site is English. Here is a short description of our pages:

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Here we describe the fansubbing process and ask you to become volunteer and join us!

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The Attic
Discover the treasure chest containing the completed works of our predecessor ‘Aventurierii Spaţiului’.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website!

Kind regards,

Kai & Peter, founders
South Wind Subs