Fables of the Green Forest 52

EN 52The Forest Goes Into Hibernation: Many animals, including Rocky and Polly, are going into winter hibernation. Peter organizes a farewell party, hoping to meet all of his friends again next spring.
NL 52Het bos gaat in winterslaap: Veel dieren, Rocky en Polly óók, gaan in winterslaap. Peter organiseert een afscheidsfeestje, in de hoop komende lente al zijn vrienden weer te zien.
PL 52Las zapada w zimowy sen: Wiele zwierząt, w tym Rocky i Polly, zapada w sen zimowy. Peter organizuje przyjęcie pożegnalne, mając nadzieję, że następnej wiosny znów spotka się ze wszystkimi swoimi przyjaciółmi.
RO 52Pădurea intră în hibernare: Multe animale, inclusiv Rocky şi Polly, vor hiberna iarna asta. Peter organizează o petrecere de rămas-bun, sperând să-şi revadă toţi prietenii în primăvara următoare.

Batches are expected end of August 2021 in 3 flavours:
LARGE (current) | SMALL (+20GiB Kirion RAW) | SUBS-ONLY
1st will be released by Old Castle, 2 & 3 by South Wind Subs

Ep 52: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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