Fables of the Green Forest 49

EN 49Danny in the Snow: Winter has come to the forest and Danny Meadow Mouse loves to tunnel through the snow, playing hide-and-seek with Reddy Fox. But a mouse should always be on guard.
NL 49Danny in de sneeuw: De winter is gearriveerd in het bos en Danny Veldmuis maakt graag tunnels in de sneeuw, om verstoppertje te spelen met Roodstaart de Vos. Maar een muis moet altijd op zijn hoede zijn.
PL 49Danny i śnieg: Do lasu nadeszła zima. Danny Polna Mysz bawi się w chowanego z Reddym, budując tunele w śniegu. Jednak mysz powinna zawsze mieć się na baczności.
RO 49Danny în zăpadă: Iarna a venit în pădure şi lui Danny Şoarecele de Câmp îi place să sape galerii în zăpadă, jucându-se de-a v-aţi ascunselea cu Vulpoiul Roşcovan. Dar un şoarece ar trebui să fie mereu precaut.

Batches are expected end of August 2021 in 3 flavours:
LARGE (current) | SMALL (+20GiB Kirion RAW) | SUBS-ONLY
1st will be released by Old Castle, 2 & 3 by South Wind Subs

Ep 49: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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