Fables of the Green Forest 47

EN 47A Gift Buster Left Behind: The animals think Buster Bear has been eating too much of their food, and won’t help him find a warm cave for his winter hibernation. They want him to leave.
NL 47Een afscheidscadeau van Frank: de dieren vinden dat Frank teveel van hun voedsel heeft gegeten, en weigeren hem te helpen een warme grot voor de winterslaap te vinden. Ze willen dat hij vertrekt.
PL 47Podarunek od Bustera: Zwierzęta uważają, że Niedźwiedź Buster je za dużo i odmawiają mu pomocy w poszukiwaniu ciepłej jaskini na zimę. Chcą, żeby odszedł.
RO 47Darul lui Buster: Animalele cred că Ursul Buster a mâncat prea mult din hrana lor, şi nu-l ajută să-şi găsească o peşteră caldă pentru hibernare. Ele vor ca el să plece.

Batches are expected end of August 2021 in 3 flavours:
LARGE (current) | SMALL (+20GiB Kirion RAW) | SUBS-ONLY
1st will be released by Old Castle, 2 & 3 by South Wind Subs

Ep 47: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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