Workshop update May 2021

Upcoming smaller Fables of the Green Forest
Our current project with Old Castle will see batch release around August 2021.
Soon after, we’ll release a 2nd batch with Kirion RAW for those of you who prefer smaller files.

Subs-only available now
We noticed that some of you were asking for subs-only packages or compiling them. We’ve published subs-only for all completed projects now and will do so for every future batch.

Spaceship Sagittarius v2 ep & batch
During assembly of our subs-only packages, we found and corrected an error in the RO sub of ep 39. We’ve made an mkv v2 and (for those who don’t have the series yet) batch v2.

Japanese translator
Are you proficient in Japanese & English and do you have time + motivation to translate classic anime? Then we are looking for you! Help us to create more subs and contact us!

Thank you!
As a regular user you can help us by seeding our projects. This will keep them available for others. We would like to thank all people who help us with this!

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