Workshop update 2021

In this post I would like to give an overview of this year’s projects.

  • Wandering Girl Nell:
    Our partner GANGO expects to complete TLC edits of remaining ep. 13-26 before the end of the year. I will do a last check & edit as I receive each ep. My goal is to release shortly after I receive.
  • Fables of the Green Forest:
    Old Castle and South Wind Subs have prepared subs in 4 languages. OC, who handles the release, is keeping to a weekly release schedule, meaning batch is expected around the 23rd of August.
  • The Attic – page:
    Our site’s page dedicated to our predecessor group still needs to be completed by adding ‘Heidi’ and ‘Future Boy Conan’ in Romanian. Fellow group member Kai is not available to work on this right now, so current status is delayed.
  • New project:
    Number 1 priority is Nell now. When I’m not working on that project, I’ll explore options for a new project. If you want to help with the creation of subs and think your skills could be useful: just Contact me!

    – Peter

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