Famous Dog Lassie 26

26 – Run Towards Your Dreams (Last Episode)
batch expected next week

Lassie comes home after a long, tiring journey. Soon, the story about the dog and its young owner who together saved the mine, and the dog’s extraordinary achievement of walking home all the way from Scotland, is taken up by the national press. Lassie becomes the most famous Collie in the UK. Then, the Duke invites them to a party as guests of honor…

Famous Dog Lassie avatar

Ep 26: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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3 thoughts on “Famous Dog Lassie 26

  1. Thank you for subbing all of the episodes of the Famous Dog Lassie anime. Are you going to continue on Wondering Girl Nell now?


    • Hello Laura, we’re happy you liked Lassie! About Wandering Girl Nell: this project was never intentionally paused by us, although it may seem that way. But as we did not build a buffer of okayed subs before we started releasing, we are now waiting for TLC edit. We hope we can provide a new episode soon, and certainly intend to complete the series! As long as we did not mark a series as ‘cancelled’ on our site, it is still active. Kind regards, Peter


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