Famous Dog Lassie 03

03 – Goodbye Lassie

Hoping to re-unite Lassie with her mother and owner, John and Colin go back to the boat where John found the puppy collar. They decide to take the boat up the river and find a house by a river lock. They wonder if this is where the owner lives?

Famous Dog Lassie avatar

Ep 03: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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2 thoughts on “Famous Dog Lassie 03

  1. I look forward to every subbed episode of Famous Dog Lassie you do. Um there is another anime I would like you to sub too in the future if that’s okay. It’s called Lucy-May of the southern rainbow. Liccafansubs who did it hasn’t made any progress of that anime ever since she subbed episode 3 in 2012. Do you think you could email and ask liccafansubs if you could do Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow?


    • Hello Laura, suggestions for future projects are always welcome! I was personally also looking forward to the rest of ‘Lucy-May’ by Licca. So, the series is certainly something I am interested in. The last update (a post without release) on Licca’s site is from January 2018 and only mentioned ‘Lucy-May’ briefly. The last release for ‘Lucy-May’ (ep 03) dates even further back to November 2012 and was followed by (in some cases partial) releases for other series, so it seems Licca might not complete ‘Lucy-May’ anymore. We will keep this in mind, but I cannot promise anything as we are now busy with ‘Nell’ and ‘Lassie’ and have other plans too. If we are going to sub it, we would prefer to have Licca’s approval. And it also depends on quality of source material we can get, and if it’s unlicensed at that moment. Kind regards, Peter


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