Famous Dog Lassie 01

During production of the subs for Wandering Girl Nell, Kai had some spare time that he put to good use for a joint project with Old Castle: a translation of Famous Dog Lassie (Meiken Lassie), a WMT-series based on the book ‘Lassie Come-Home’ by Eric Mowbray Knight. Old Castle will handle the distro for this project. Here is the first episode. We hope you will enjoy the story!

01 – I’m Not Alone

A boy named John Carraclough lives with his father Sam and his mother Melissa in Greenall Bridge, a small mining village in Yorkshire, England. Father and mother often work at the same time and are not at home, and John feels lonely. But a new friend is found…

Famous Dog Lassie avatar

Ep 01: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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3 thoughts on “Famous Dog Lassie 01

  1. Hello I’m happy you’re subbing the anime series Famous Dog Lassie. I’ve waited for years for somebody to do that. Do you think you could sub the anime series Rascal the Racoon as well please?


    • I’m glad you like our joint project with Old Castle! Have fun watching!
      About Rascal: Our friend Kofuku announced on her blogsite that she was subbing Rascal (In January 2018 she was translating ep 08). Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from her since that time. It could be that she is just quietly preparing her release, but I am afraid that her health issues (of which she spoke openly on her blog) have stopped her, as I was unable to contact her. I hope she is alive and well and reads this message and she will post an update. If her blog stays quiet we’ll have to assume she stopped subbing for some reason. If that should be the case we would be very much interested in subbing Rascal.


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