Wandering Girl Nell 01

Finally we are able to announce the release of the first episode of Wandering Girl Nell (Sasurai no Shoujo Nell), based on the book ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ by Charles Dickens (1841).This evolved into a joint release with GANGO who did the TLC, and translation of previews and 3rd song. The opening songs were translated by ramen. Big thanks to both and to ARR for releasing RAWs in 2011 and “K.” for providing the Italian subs we used for the initial translation! We hope you will enjoy the result!

“Escape at Dawn”

Nell and her grandfather, Mr. Trent, run a small antiques shop in 19th century London, but their comfortable life seems to end when Nell and her friend Kitt find out that Grandfather is unable to repay a debt to Mr. Kilp, a ruthless business man…

Wandering Girl Nell avatar

Ep 01: Nyaa.si* | Anidex.info*

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MD5: 54CB210969E2610013FFFD2A3EC45A8E
CRC32: A08D510B


5 thoughts on “Wandering Girl Nell 01

  1. Thank you so much for subbing the first episode of this anime
    I have been wanting to watch it for a very long time but I only found the Italian version


  2. I plan to follow the effort and watch, but… Nell’s grandpa is a piece of dogshit, isn’t he?
    He took and unnecessary loan with a lender shark, completely and totally unscrupulous, infamous in the city, because… he was ashamed of showing his granddaughter how poor they are.
    Ok. But after shamefully failing to pay the debt and being catch by Nell, to have one more day to try to raise the money he sells Nell to the lender’s […] lawyer!
    “It would be better for you”, what?!
    In the end of the episode the child has to save herself, and her imbecile grandpa.
    I can’t even imagine the situation he will still put her in on their journey.
    Big fat drama ahead.

    Also, the art and animation is good, very good!


    • I wouldn’t call Nell’s grandfather “dogshit”. He is a stubborn old man, and he foolishly started gambling, but in the end he wants what’s best for Nell. An arranged marriage with a wealthy man could provide Nell with a (financially) comfortable life and free her from poverty.
      A word in defense of Brass too: people’s life expectancy was just a little over 40 years in mid-19th century Victorian England. The clock was ticking fast so to speak… Marrying a young bride suddenly makes sense in that perspective, and girls were considered suitable for marriage from age 14.
      The anime is made end 1970s, and the makers, and we too, judge by modern standards.
      That said, you are right about upcoming drama, although there are also nice moments and colorful characters along the way! Have fun!


      • Nell is still a bit too young, Brass behaves like a typical […] and the whole situation is just wrong.
        Nell was sold, worse, had to save herself and her grandpa literally leading him by hand.


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