Captain Future and release strategy

Captain Future crew

A new project may seem strange, after we wrote about not having enough time. But, this project was already under development and we discovered new RAW’s available. We felt we needed to release now. So, here is the 1978’s sci-fi Captain Future eps. 01-04, containing the first voyage (full story) titled ‘The Space Emperor’. The series will be released per voyage, English subs only for now. At completion, we will make a batch (we’d like to include Romanian & Dutch then, if we can). By focusing on English first, we can release active projects faster. In the meanwhile, we hope to get more crew…

Voyage I: ” The Space Emperor “

On the planet Megara, strange things are happening. Humans devolve into ape-men. Sperling, one of the top agents of the Interstellar Government, who was sent out to investigate the matter, returns transformed into a beast. Captain Future and his crew are contacted. They soon discover that the bad things happening are caused by a mysterious individual who calls himself the Space Emperor.


2 thoughts on “Captain Future and release strategy

  1. Am dat și eu din întâmplare pe Nyaa de voi, văd că vă ocupați și cu RoSub, deci dacă se poate aș aprecia mult dacă ați posta și o astfel de variantă după ce terminați seria! ^.^


    • I’m sorry, our group cannot make RO (and NL) -subs now. We would still like to make these, but we are short-staffed at this moment. We had hoped to find more volunteers during translation of Captain Future. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So, the 1st release will be English-only. Hopefully, somewhere in the future we can add RO (and NL) -subs!


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